UN Women works to ensure that the lives and livelihoods of women and girls are resilient to disasters and threats, contributing to sustainable, secure, and thriving communities through their flagship Women’s Resilience to Disasters programme.

I led the design and build of the Women’s Resilience to Disasters Knowledge Hub. Responsibilities included content strategy, site structuring, design and build, as well as drafting an engagement plan to include promotional blogs and social media posts. The initiative has received praise from stakeholders including the lead sponsors at the Government of Australia.


UN Women




Project Management
Digital Design
Design Systems
User Research
Frontend Development
Social Engagement

Research informed the decision to focus on WRD Experts as a key outreach and audience growth strategy.

Vetted DRR and Gender experts would be featured on the hub, and encouraged to participate and host events and publish stories (known as insights) on the hub. These events and insights would then be promoted by the experts themselves as well as by the wider UN Women and UN networks.

The Programme required the representation of both UN Women regions as well as sub-regions specific to where the Programme is active.


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