Due to decades of money laundering, property speculation and corrupt governments, most of the 20th Century architectural landmarks in my hometown Vancouver, Canada have been thoughtlessly demolished.

I cofounded a cultural foundation and initiated an online campaign to preserve the Salvation Army Temple, an art-deco building on historic Hastings Street slated for demolition.


Terminal Soul Foundation


April 2018


Communications Strategy
Campaign Concepting
Copy Writing
Creative Direction
Digital Design
Social Engagement
Restore the Temple! Restore the Temple!

Built in 1949, the building has stood empty and derelict for the last 17 years despite an over-heated property market. This is a well established speculation tactic to create a derelict building in order to circumvent heritage protection while lobbying for zoning law changes.

Now it might join the nearby Pantages Theatre that was tragically demolished in 2011.

There is so little heritage left in Vancouver. We know that sustainable communities are not created by thoughtlessly erasing what has come before. The temple is clearly a masterpiece and should be protected and restored as a community gathering place.

Social media motion graphics were created to promote a change.org petition which attracted thousands of signatures.

A change.org petition attracted thousands of signatures and messages of support.

Restore the Temple!


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