World Humanitarian Summit

United Nations

May 2015

Digital Design
Front-end Development
Social Engagement

Initiated by former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to improve global humanitarian action, the World Humanitarian Summit involved a series of global consultations, both online and at various locations, and culminated in Istanbul in 2016. I had the pleasure of contributing to this important initiative as the senior digital designer.

Interactive infographics

The WHS discussions are guided by four themes: 1. humanitarian effectiveness; 2. reducing vulnerability and managing risk; 3. transformation through innovation; and 4. serving the needs of people in conflict.

Twelve interactive infographic promo-boxes were created, three for each of the four themes. Created using the Snap-svg javascript library, the SVG animations are subtle and serve to create playful visual reminders to highlight some rather stark facts.

Social media

Standardized formats and templates were established and a number of visual assets were created for the leading social media channels.

A balance was sought between establishing a consistent brand identity while at the same time exploring a variety of visual solutions to maintain user interest.

Promotional graphics

A variety of promotional graphics were created for initiatives such as the WHS Data Visualisation Challenge.

Six icons were designed for the priorities identified in the synthesis report “Restoring Humanity: Global Voices Calling for Action.”

WHS Blog

A blog was designed and a theme custom built on the WordPress platform to meet the exact needs of the of communication team: a distraction-free storytelling experience.


Motion graphics

A variety of short animations were created to promote the event, including a count-down animation featured during the Secretary-General’s presentation during the 2015 World Humanitarian Day event in New York. Others were used to promote WHS themes and regional consultations.