Our future is here

United Nations IFAD

January 2019

Creative Direction
Digital Strategy

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The United Nations International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) required an outreach initiative to appeal to rural youth, who represent the next generation of food providers. I co-conceived Our Future is Here as a bright and dynamic sub-brand, celebrating youthful innovation, optimism and energy. The visual identity served as a campaign bedrock and statement of intent. It effectively helped recruit several prominent influencers.

The brand

The visual identity is built on a palette of vivid colours with preferred combinations.

Key graphic elements include a 4 by 4 grid and a square sliced in half by a 45 degree angle, as well as a host of dynamic icons celebrating agri-preneurship.

The typeface IBM Plex Sans in bold and medium weights provides a spirit of contemporary innovation appropriate to the brand.

Social Media

The brand was then applied to key messages and photography to result in graphic and motion cards for outreach on social media platforms.

Motion graphics

The visual identity was extended to motion graphics and audio, including a series of youth profile videos that were re-edited to be quicker and include new, hipper music and animated, on-brand end slates.

The next step was the first major campaign of the subbrand in the hugely successful #DanceforChange challenge.