Peter Romich

Digital for humanitarian organizations.


Salutations! A photo of Peter in the mountains.

I’ve been helping humanitarian development organizations, including several United Nations agencies, for more than 15 years, both as a strategic project leader and a multi-faceted digital specialist. Most recently, I worked with UN Women, where I joined the Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) flagship programme to reconceptualize and relaunch their knowledge hub.

In 2020-21, I was in Beirut with UN-ESCWA, where I managed the rebuild and relaunch of their corporate platform – one of the most popular Arabic-language websites in the UN system.

Prior to that, I worked with an association of journalists in Africa sponsored by UNDRR to enhance news media coverage of disaster risk issues.

I grew up in Canada, I've lived in 8 countries and I'm now based in Sweden with an exuberant husky named Nanuq.


Communications Strategy
Campaign Concepting
User Research
Copy Editing
Project Management
Design Systems
Digital Design
Data Analysis
Frontend Development
Team Building



Applied strategy. To deliver a strategic goal, a digital initiative must be dispatched into phases, milestones, tasks and deliverables. Strategies are achieved through measurable results, owned at the organizational, managerial, team and individual level.


Appropriate technologies. Sometimes trending technologies are the right solution, and sometimes they aren't. I can help see beyond the latest silicon valley hype bubble, to implement sustainable and ethical social and technical innovation.


Active engagement. To break through the noise of information saturation, engagement should inspire individuals to action – beyond the passive baseline asks of liking and sharing – and towards building active, mutually-supportive communities.


Interdivisional collaboration. Bridging the IT/Comms/Knowledge Management divide to achieve effective digital isn't easy. It takes collaboration with mutual trust and respect, openness, and humility. I know how to build and inspire cross-disciplinary teams effectively.


Capacity building. It may be an overused buzzword, but too often digital consultants and agencies are dropped in to provide pricy one-off solutions, rather than reaching across the organization to build a foundation that can sustainably harness knowledge, passion and dedication.


Measurable results. KPIs shouldn't be aspirational fantasies met by fudging numbers in a black box. I can provide data analysis that expands on the baseline situation of available data to gain insights on opportunities for honest growth and targeted reach.


Need a digital design partner?

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